Production Thread Rolling

Everything you wanted to know

Raymac Gridning offers thread rolling and knurl serrations.

Thread Rolling

Lets thread it

Thread Rolling produces precise and uniform external threads on fasteners. A cold forging process that displaces stock from ductile ground blanks, forming high tensile and shear strength external threads on the workpiece. Raymac Grinding has multiple steel dies for each thread size and thread form. We have multiple thread rolling machines ready for production use, and qualified machinist to accomplish the task at hand. Capable of providing In-Feed thread rolling services for 1 piece to more than 250,000 pieces.

Production Fastners

High quality threads

Raymac Grinding can provide high-quality threads on different type of components. From the medical field where precision is of the utmost importance to the aviation field where shear and tensile strength is important. Thread Rolling is the best way to produce high-quality threads with a high production rate, and quick turn around times.
Black Thread Roller
Thread rolling machines.

Precision Knurling

A grip on the industry

For over 58 years Raymac Grinding has been accommodating knurling services. We provide the best knurling finish from angled and cross line diamond patterns. It is important to have a high-quality knurling finish on precision tooling because with the appropriate knurl on the component, it is easier to grip and operate.