OD & ID Precision Grinding

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I.D. Surface Removal. Christian checking tolerances for accurate production.

OD Grinding Services

The process to perfection

OD grinding also known as outside diameter grinding is a process where the stock is removed from the external surface of a workpiece and between centers.  Raymac Grinding provides high-tolerance outside diameter grinding services between centers on all materials, coatings, and platings, we are capable of handling a wide variety of lengths and widths with slight adjustments to the equipment. At Raymac Grinding, we have no difficulty in precision grinding and have a reputation for exceeding expectations for tight tolerances. Every part is tested and evaluated carefully to ensure high quality and consistency. All OD grinding services are carefully planned and executed by the qualified machinists who are meticulous in their work to put out the best components.

ID Grinding Services

A meticulous process

ID grinding services, also known as internal diameter grinding, is a meticulous process where the stock is removed from the inside of a workpiece. Raymac Grinding offers high-tolerance internal diameter grinding for ferrous, non-ferrous and many other materials. Raymac Grinding is capable of removing stock from even the most complicated workpieces.
O.D. Surface Removal. Raymac Grindng.
Quality workmanship for any i.d. and o.d. jobs.


Commitment to doing it right

Raymac Grinding offers swift turn around times for both; ID and OD grinding services. We have qualified machinist with years of experience in the industry. Our commitment to completing the job on time and with stringent tolerances are what keeps Raymac Grinding a leader in grinding services.