Precision Surface Grinding

Everything you wanted to know

Experienced and qualified surface grinder technicians.

Surface Grinding

Surfacing with perfection

Surface Griding adds versatility to removing stock from large surface area material. The material we can ground include plate stock, bar stock, forgings, and castings. Raymac Grinding operates multiple surface area machines to accommodate your surface grinding needs.  The finished components will have an unparallel part to part consistency and stringent tolerances.

Blanchard Grinding Services

Accuracy at the surface

Blanchard grinders are used to grind stock of material much faster than traditional surface grinders, they add size and versatility to the consistency of the finished material. Blanchard rotary surface grinders are known for their cross-grain finish typically within 60-125 RMS range and are perfect for wide surface material. A wide array of ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be machined with Blanchard grinding. In example aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, steel, raw metal, cast iron, copper and some plastic and rubber materials. Ferrous material is held in place by a magnet, non-ferrous material by other methods. It could be cost-effective when grinding multiple smaller parts simultaneously
Blanchard surface grinding. Raymac Grindng.
Production surface grinders for big material. Raymac Grinding.

Un-matched Precision

Part to part consistency

Raymac Grinding can accommodate a wide array of material for surface grinding.  Our qualified machinist can meet stringent tolerances and parallelism on any workpieces. A wide array of ferrous and non-ferrous workpieces can be machined with Blanchard grinding, and other surface grinding machines we operate.