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Very accurate tolerances can only be achieved by the best machinist.  Raymac Grinding checks all work for precision.

Centerless Machining

With years of experience under our belt, we provide the best Infeed and Thrufeed centerless grinding services.


What has set us apart from other machine shops in Orange County is the ability to consistently deliver the product on time.


Raymac Grinding is a firm believer in innovation. We continue to improve and invest in our machines, operators, and infrastructure.

Centerless Grinding

Our daily grind

For grinding bar stock there is almost nothing that matches up to centerless grinding. Using an abrasive material such as polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride we can remove material without deformation. We offer high precision Thrufeed and Infeed centerless grinding for workpieces. With Thrufeed centerless grinding, we are able to work with workpieces with consistent roundness in the length of the workpiece. In Infeed centerless grinding Raymac Grinding can grind cylindrical workpieces with complex shapes and or tapers to stringent tolerances. Whatever the method we have over 58 years of experience, and can do the job right and on time!
Raymac Grinding Centerless In-feed and Thru-feed Grinding
Precision Honing at Raymac Grinding in Fullerton, California.


Honing with accuracy

Since 1960 Raymac Grinding has provided the best honing service in Orange County. Honing is used for workpieces that require the most accurate tolerance, and finish. Honing can improve the tolerances of workpieces when they are assembled in high precision systems such as internal combustion engines. Raymac Grinding has qualified honing specialist with years of experience in honing services. We offer the best turn around times of any honing machine shop.

OD & ID Grinding Services

Stringent tolerances

OD grinding also known as outside diameter grinding is a process where the stock is removed from the external surface of a workpiece between centers. ID grinding services, also known as internal diameter grinding, is a meticulous process where the stock is removed from the inside of a workpiece. Raymac Grinding offers high-precision ID and OD grinding for even the most complex components. Our turn around time and attention to detail is the best in the machining industry.
Raymac O.D. and I.D. surface removal.
Raymac Grinding. Automatic surface grinder.

Surface Grinding

Coming to the surface

Since 1960 Raymac has provided the best surface grinding service in Orange County. We can accommodate large surface material. Dimensional tolerances to +/- .001"  can be accomplished. Surface grinding is ideal for material with a large surface and reducing cost by surface grinding multiple units at the same time. This can be achieved with stringent tolerances.

Thread Rolling

Put a thread on it

A cold forging process that displaces stock from ductile ground blanks, forming high tensile and shear strength external threads on the workpiece. Raymac Grinding has multiple steel dies for each thread size and thread form. We have multiple thread rolling machines ready for production use, and qualified machinist to accomplish the task at hand. Capable of providing In-Feed thread rolling services for 1 piece to more than 250,000 pieces. For over 58 years Raymac Grinding has been accommodating knurling services. We provide the best knurling finish from angled and cross line diamond patterns.
Raymac Grinding offers thread rolling and knurl serrations.

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