Learn about Johny & Rose and their venture to continue with Raymac Grinding.

Our Story

This is how Raymac Grinding became the best

Raymac Grinding was established in 1960 with the need for a grinding shop in Orange County. Raymac Grinding started with commercial demands and then on to the Military with the Vietnam War, progressing to the "Race To Space", and aircraft travel with McDonald Douglas, Northrop, Boeing, and Lockheed, which brought in the CNC computerized machines and the need for precision close tolerance's on bar stock and parts for the Aero Space and Medical Industries. Raymac Grinding has met all of its grinding challenges for the past 58 plus years and continues today. Today we are going strong, with main operators being Johny Martinez, and Rose Martinez. We continue to invest in our employees, infrastructer, and communities, in order to serve our customers now and into the future.

Words From C.E.O.

Master Machinist

Only in America could a dream come true for a Man who's Grandparents, taught him with God, hard work, and perseverance you can accomplish anything.

- Johny Martinez
The Raymac Grinding Company.
St.Jude Don't Quit

Don't Quit

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Join The Team

Raymac Grinding is always interested in experienced and talented individuals, that have been in the machining industry. If you are a perfectionist with attention to detail, we encourage you to apply at Raymac Grinding. We offer a competitive salary, health benefits, and paid time off.